Real-world Bedding Sets Secrets For 2017

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March 27, 2017 After months of hard work, BedVoyage is delighted to officially announce the launch of their new website. They have been manufacturing eco-luxury bamboo bedding for 9 years, and have a very loyal fan base, but felt it was time to ชุดเครื่องนอน ราคาโรงงาน offer a fresh and modern look after 5 years of their current site. It was an all-hands on deck process for 3 months, with endeavors such as: new photo shoots, updating and optimizing content, creating new informational blogs, giving a face-lift and more casual approach to their auto replies, and definitely working closely with their developers to launch the best site possible. Their main goal was to offer a site that was easier to shop, keeping in mind todays fast paced world, and wanting to offer customers a quicker way locate what they need and check out as simply as possible. When redesigning their product pages, they took into consideration what they personally enjoy when online shopping, and to present a cleaner look, less clicks and scrolling, and a visually simpler way to choose products and/or move about the site. The new mobile app has been greatly enhanced as well, it loads faster and is more shoppable, and when half of their customers are placing orders on a smart phone, it felt critical to upgrade that functionality. Another area they focused on was showcasing a gallery to offer inspiration for customers that might struggle with the desire to put together a designer look, but not sure how to get started. As BedVoyage has added new colors over the years, they have continued to intentionally choose tones that allow for mixing and matching all of their colors together. This allows their customers to be creative and design their very own perfect sleeping sanctuary. They have added an Inspiration Gallery to the new site, so that you can review dozens of images of how to mix and match their product line. BedVoyage plans to expand the gallery in the summer of 2017 as they create looks for certain styles, such as a masculine look, an ultra-feminine look, a super-chic hotel look, a fun college dorm bed, a summer bed thats pared down for the heat, and a winter bed thats loaded to the hilt!

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